About Us

The vFit™ system consists of a smartphone App as well as a powerful database that resides remotely in the cloud. The database performs all vFit calculations between the image of a scanned foot and the inside dimensions of branded footwear.

The vFit and vForms Database

The vFit database stores all the images and dimensions of all customer’s feet and shoe (vForm) that have been shared. The vFit database also performs comparison algorithms that look at material elements to determine whether or not a foot will fit into a specific type of shoe. Together these algorithms ensure the most detailed and accurate view of a fit possible.

Sizing Algorithms

The sizing algorithms take the 3D image of a person’s foot and then compare them to the 3D image of the inside of the selected shoe. This is done by breaking the foot into a number of zones, which surround the shape (length and width), sides (arch) and top (instep) of the foot. These zones are then matched against the same zones on the inside of a shoe to determine whether or not a fit occurs. Customer defined tolerances are also applied based on manufacturer's recommendations. For example, one manufacturer may only have one width and has designed their shoes to accommodate both narrow and wide feet, another may have multiple widths requiring tighter tolerances.

Materials Algorithms

Another factor in perfecting fit is understanding the type of material that a shoe is made of and how this material changes over time. For example, leather has different stretch and wear properties than vinyl. The materials algorithm also takes into consideration the method used for fastening the shoe. Together these factors all contribute to understanding the best fit for a shoe and how that shoe will evolve as it is worn.

vFit and vForms

Central to the vFit system is our database of vForms (virtual Last Forms). vForms are proprietary to vFit and are used whenever a virtual Fit is performed. vForms are derived from original shoe last data obtained from the shoe manufacturer or last manufacturer. vForms contain only the information necessary to recommend a fit (manufacturer's original shoe last data is NEVER used during a vFit and vForms cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the original last).

vFit uses vForms to ensure the protection of the shoe and last manufacturer's intellectual property. Once a shoe last data is converted into a vForm, the last data is either returned back to the manufacturer or discarded.

The vFit system seamlessly combines shoe information along with Internet retailers API's.